Value of an ET Education

A common question to schools offering baccalaureate engineering technology programs, both from prospective engineering students and their parents and from companies looking to hire engineers, is ‘What is it about a B.S. Engineering Technology degree that distinguishes it from an engineering degree, and more important, what are the distinctive values of an ET-oriented degree program.’

The ET National Forum has developed short, bi-fold color brochures that, at a summary level, address these questions and has made them available to any institution offering of considering offering engineering technology programs.  The brochures exist in two editable versions, one in Adobe’s portable document format (.pdf) and one in Microsoft Publisher format (.pub).  The link below allows you to download a compressed .zip file containing both versions.  Users are free to edit the documents in any manner desired without obtaining permission from the National Forum or the Engineering Technology Council.

Value of an ET Education Brochure Download