Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently are articles in the JET cited by others?

The Journal of Engineering Technology Impact Factor, which measures the average annual number of citations, can be found at:

What is the acceptance rate for papers submitted to the JET?

Journal of Engineering Technology Annual Acceptance Rates:

Year Annual % Acceptance Rate
2011 40%
2012 45%
2013 9%
2014 4%
2015 6%
2016 7%
2017 13%
2018 8%
2019 Not Available Yet


How often is the Journal of Engineering Technology (JET) published?

JET is published twice a year (fall and spring)

How much does a year’s subscription cost in the USA and Foreign Countries?

Annual subscriptions are $25.00 (US) mailed to a US address and $35.00 (US) mailed to an international (non-US) address.

Does this cost include shipping and handling?


Who do we make checks out to and where do we mail them?

Make the check to Journal of Engineering Technology and mail it to: Ron Land, JET Subscriptions Editor, 777 Zubal Road, Apollo, PA, 15613,

If we have more than one order, can we pay with one check and a purchase order?

Yes, you may order for multiple recipients. Payment needs to be in US funds and received by check or bank money order. Please provide with the check a list of subscribers that includes a mailing address for each.

Can payment be made by credit card?

Generally, yes. As our banking is provided by the American Society for Engineering Education, a check is preferred. Payment by credit card can be accomplished by requesting the credit card payment form from the subscriptions editor above.

Do you offer any agency discount? If so, how much/what percent?

There is no agency discount.

Do you sell back issues?

Back issues are generally available. The cost is $15.00 for the Spring 1984 inaugural issue and $10.00 for any other issue.

If a customer cancels a subscription, do you offer any refund?

If cancelled prior to mailing of the first issue, 100% refund. If cancelled prior to mailing of the second issue, $10.00 for a US addressed subscription and $15.00 for an international subscription.

What is your missed issue claims policy (time/issue limits, etc)?

If a customer does not receive an issue, he/she should contact the subscriptions editor. As long as there is an extra copy available, we will try to replace the issue on a case-by-case basis.

Do you have an ISSN?

ISSN 0747-9964

Is there an electronic edition available online?