Using the Listserv

Remember that we have migrated from the Listproc to the Listserv email management software program. Commands to Listproc will no longer work. Also, Listserv is very strict about kicking people off the list after 4 days if messages bounce for any reason including a full mailbox, a spam setting at your institution, or if you let your account temporarily go inactive. We have lost over 100 members on the listserv for this reason since we migrated from Listproc, so tell any of your colleagues that this might have happened to that they will need to re-subscribe.

Our ETD-L mailing list (List for the Engineering Technology Division of
ASEE) is moderated by me, “Walter W. Buchanan,” <buchananw@NEO.TAMU.EDU>, and you can email me at this address if you have any problems.

Here is some important information  about your subscription, which we recommend that you preserve for future reference. Having this information available will make it easier to recognize all the lists to which you are subscribed and in case you want  to unsubscribe or temporary disable mail delivery.

* The name of the list: ETD-L


The following email addresses are used for the specified purposes:

* To send an email to the list: ETD-L@LISTSERV.TAMU.EDU

* To contact the list owner: ETD-L-request@LISTSERV.TAMU.EDU

* To send commands to the LISTSERV server:LISTSERV@LISTSERV.TAMU.EDU

* To unsubscribe from the list: ETD-L-signoff-request@LISTSERV.TAMU.EDU

The following URLs may also be useful:

* The list home page:

* The list subscription page:


If you do  not already have a password for  the LISTSERV.TAMU.EDU server, we recommend that you set one now.  A LISTSERV password is linked to your subscribed address and is valid for all lists to which  you are subscribed on the LISTSERV.TAMU.EDU server. The same password  can be used for email commands as well as for access to the web interface for the lists to which you are subscribed.

To set your password for this server, visit:


Subscription settings  and preferences  can be  set using  LISTSERV’s web interface. Once  you have set a  server password as explained  above, you may log in and set your preferences at:

Contributions  sent to  this  list are  automatically  archived. You  can access the list archives at:

You may need to log in to view the archives.


You may leave the list at any time by sending a SIGNOFF ETD-L command to:
LISTSERV@LISTSERV.TAMU.EDU,   or   by   sending   a   blank   email   to:

You can  also tell  LISTSERV how you  want it to  confirm the  receipt of messages that you send  to the list. To send yourself a  copy of your own messages, send a SET ETD-L REPRO command.

Alternatively, to have LISTSERV send  you a short acknowledgement instead of the entire message, send a SET ETD-L ACK NOREPRO command. Finally, you can turn off acknowledgements completely with the SET ETD-L NOACK NOREPRO command.

This  list is  available  in digest  form.  If you  wish  to receive  the digested version of the postings, then issue a SET ETD-L DIGEST command.

You can also set the digest delivery option on the list subscription page

Following  instructions from  the list  owner, your  subscription options have been  set to “SUBJECTHDR”  rather than the usual  LISTSERV defaults.
For  more information  about  subscription options,  send  a QUERY  ETD-L command to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.TAMU.EDU.

You may  also check your current  settings on the list  subscription page

More information on the tools  and options available for list subscribers
may  be   found  in   the  official   L-Soft  online   documentation  at:

If you have any problems, contact Dr. Walter Buchanan at: BUCHANANW@TAMU.EDU