Peer review is a critical factor in promoting the rigor and high quality of scientific research. The entire scientific community benefits when the peer-review process is timely, thorough, and balanced. The JET editorial board greatly appreciate the tremendous contribution that reviewers make to JET. Please review the “JET Reviewer Guidelines” for more information about the peer review process.

Reviewer invitations for JET are sent out by email from the Scholastica Peer Review system. The invitation includes information about the title and abstract of the manuscript and an indication of the time frame in which we would like to receive the review. After agreeing to review the paper, the reviewer has access to the entire manuscript and supporting documents. We encourage reviewers to contact the editorial board at any time if they require additional information or assistance.

If you are interested to be a reviewer for JET please click here and enter your information in our reviewer database.


Thank you for your service to JET.

JET Editor-in-Chief